Precision as passion.

Precima Magnettechnik GmbH was founded in 1981 and is today established as an independent, medium-sized, innovative family-owned brake manufacturer.

With our staff of more than 200 employees, we develop and produce a wide range of electro-magnetic operated brakes and clutches for all kinds of applications in machines and other industries. Our standard range of products covers a performance scope of braking torques between 0.5 and 1,600 Nm.

Thanks to our advanced CNC machining technology and well-organized assembly lines we produce more than 650,000 units per year. The high rate of self-manufactured parts provides us with maximum flexibility and allows for short response times. Our own highly qualified and experienced engineering and development departments are specialized in producing customized brake solutions on a very high technical and economic standard.

Spring-applied electromagnetic brakes

The PRECIMA spring-loaded brakes are electromagnetically actuated single disc brakes with two friction surfaces.


FDB - Solid working brake
For many years our FDB brake has a name as an absolute reliable brake for use in almost every application. As standard, this brake is available in 10 different sizes for static or...

FDD - Noise-reduced double brake
FDD double brakes are two specially designed low noise brakes working independently of each other meeting high demands of safety. As an option (M) a microswitch is monitoring the...

FDR - Twin disk brake
The FDR double rotor brake is designed to allow maximum braking torque in confined mounting space. In order to attain sufficient wear results for these Brakes, we recommend using...

FDS - Encapsulated holding brake
The compact FDS IP 65 Brake Series was developed as a solution for applications which requires an economical totally enclosed brake which is protected against dirt, dust or moisture...

FDW - Dust and waterproof
Through the FDW body design, this is a fully capsulated brake sealed from outside influence. The brake type available in 10 sizes counts as a solid industrial brake for outdoor...

FDX - Seawater resistant
Our new FDX Series stands for a capsulated, solid IP 67 brake which is designed for use in very rough environments like offshore or sea climates. All parts are manufactured from...

FLC - Low-cost holding brake
This brake series is the preferred choice for applications requiring mostly static braking or low friction work as for emergency stops. low cost through single spring design easy and...

General information
The PRECIMA spring-loaded brakes are electromagnetically actuated single disc brakes with two friction surfaces. The braking power is applied by means of pressure springs. The...

PRECIMA Clutches

Electromagnetic clutches

Precima electro-magnetic clutches and load currently operated brakes were specifically developed for the requirements of advanced machine and apparatus construction.

Thanks to high-quality standards in development, material selection, and manufacturing they meet all demands of modern motive power engineering.

PRECIMA Rectifier

Half-wave and bridge rectifiers

  • PMB = Bridge Rectifier
  • PME = Half-Wave Rectifier
  • PMEA = Half-Wave Rectifier with protection against overvoltage
  • PMG = Fast Response Rectifier

These compact modules have been specially designed to be fitted into the terminal boxes of electric motors.

The PME half-wave rectifier which halves the supply voltage is the most cost-effective.

The PMB full-wave bridge rectifier produces a smooth DC voltage (95% of the supply voltage).

Both rectifiers are available for switching on AC or DC side.

Varistors in the input and output protect the rectifiers from surge voltage.

The PMG fast excitation rectifiers are recommended whenever short release times or low dissipation are required. It combines the benefits of the half-wave and bridge rectifiers.

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