About TR-Electronic 

Rotary encoders, linear encoders, drives and components

Standard products and individual solutions for every requirement

Rotary encoders, linear encoders, drives, components, industrial PCs and other automation solutions from TR-Electronic provide the optimal basis for the safe and cost-efficient automation of industrial processes in countless applications. 

In addition to an enormous range of high-quality standard products, we also offer customer-specific rotary encoders for individual requirements. All products and solutions share the following characteristics: maximum precision, easy to install, long service life and highest cost efficiency.


Rotary encoders, linear encoders and intelligent compact drives in use

Absolute rotary encoders and incremental rotary encoders, linear encoders, intelligent compact drives and components from TR-Electronic are used successfully throughout the world by well-known companies in countless sectors.

Our measurement and control systems offer the right solution for your individual application: From laser distance measuring sensors in mechanized container picking systems in logistics through  sensors in punching and forming processes and SIL3-/PLe-certified safety rotary encoders in event technology to high-performance cam groups and compact drives in sheet offset machines in the printing industry.

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