Rexnord Power Transmission (PT) keeps the industry moving with a broad portfolio of products including gear drives, bearings, couplings, industrial chains, brakes, and a wide range of conveyor components. Rexnord products and services enhance the reliability of equipment used worldwide, supporting industries such as transportation, mining, energy, food & beverage. Our expertise and focus on customer service ensure that you have the right solution when you need it.




Our customers count on our premium quality bearings to fit every need and solve every problem. We offer a full line of bearings ranging from off-the-shelf bearings to completely customized - all from our industry-leading bearing brands Rex, Link-Belt, and PT Select.

Ball Bearings

  • Versatile to perform in standard-, medium- and heavy-duty applications.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

  • Bearings require minimum space, providing maximum capacity.

Filament Bearings

  • No maintenance and complete corrosion resistance to reducing downtime and improve productivity.

Sleeve Bearings

  • Offering compact, reliable usage for longer life and uninterrupted service.

Spherical Roller Bearings

  • From completely customized to off the shelf, we offer a bearing to fit your application.

Bearing Parts & Kits

  • A full range of supplies for your bearing needs.

Keeping Industry in Motion with Rexnord Bearings

Rexnord’s innovative bearing products surpass industry standards and can be highly customized to fit your unique application. Our bearings work across demanding, heavy-duty applications within industries where reliability is essential: automotive, air handling, aerospace, food, beverage, cement, agriculture, energy, construction, technology, mining, military, healthcare and more.

At the forefront of engineering and technology, Rexnord has set the standard for superior bearing performance and innovation. Within our spherical roller bearing portfolio, our PT Select brand provides customers with a high-quality off-the-shelf bearing when availability is critical. Our Link-Belt bearing line is our high-performance trusted workhorse brand. Rex is our highly customizable bearing solution line—a true problem-solver.

Rexnord’s ball bearing portfolio offers high-quality Link-Belt bearings in standard, medium, and heavy-duty, as well as Klein-Gard bearings designed to meet the unique needs of the food and beverage industries. Our self-lubricating filament bearing brand, Duralon, provides a maintenance-free solution capable of operating in the harshest conditions including high moisture, extreme chemical washdown, and highly corrosive environments.



At Rexnord, we offer a full line of conveying solutions for every industry. With more than 120 years of experience, our team of highly skilled engineers and industry experts will help you find the right system. With 1,300 total products in our conveyor component offerings, we have the conveying solutions you need to ensure your job runs smoothly.

Bulk Handling Components

  • Idlers, rollers, and sprockets keep your conveyor belts running smoothly and efficiently.

KleanTop Conveyor Belts

  • KleanTop modular belting is an ideal conveying solution for food processing applications.

MatTop & TableTop Chains

  • Rexnord’s MatTop & TableTop chains are highly engineered for speciality applications.

Metal Conveyor Belts

  • Precision-engineered metal conveyor belts help avoid downtime and improve efficiency.

Turn & Spiral Cage Belts

  • Designed to process and move baked goods, meat, poultry and prepared foods, our belts are versatile for light and heavy-duty applications.

Conveyor Components

  • Rexnord’s wide range of conveyor component offerings is built to suit any application.

Conveyor Sprockets

  • Keep your conveyor running smoothly with custom-engineered, precision-fit sprockets.

Avoid Unplanned Downtime

Nothing costs your business like unplanned downtime. When your conveyor belt goes down, your entire operation grinds to a halt. Never be caught off guard again. Trust Rexnord conveyor belts, chains, rollers, idlers, and sprockets. Our components last longer and stand up under tough situations. Specialized components are built to withstand common issues like belt degradation, abrasive wear, and belt damage caused by high heat and sanitizing procedures. Our high-quality conveyor products are designed to help you avoid unplanned downtime, improve energy and water consumption, maximize productivity, reduce waste, and increase safety. Easy to install and operate, Rexnord’s highly engineered conveying solutions extend the life of your components, offering smooth running conveying conditions. Unplanned downtime is a huge cost to manufacturers; rely on Rexnord to help you avoid costly surprises.

We Keep Your Business Moving

We offer unit handling and packaging machinery to fit a variety of industries including beverage and liquid, food, and automotive. Demanding industry applications (such as the food industry) require specialized solutions that stand up to high temperatures like Rexnord’s Fryer Temperature Resistant MatTop conveyor chain. Any place there is a conveyor, Rexnord Conveyor Components can be used. With fast delivery times and engineer-backed customer support, Rexnord stands out as the industry leader. We offer highly engineered conveying solutions with high-speed capabilities, built to withstand harsh environments. Rexnord conveying solutions increase uptime, reduce damage to customer products, save time, improve hygiene and sanitation, and reduce noise. For conveying solutions that run smoothly and efficiently, you can rely on Rexnord to keep your business moving.



Rexnord has provided customers with industry-leading, precision-engineered coupling solutions for over a century. Manufactured for quality, reliability, and easy maintenance, Rexnord couplings offer dependable coupling solutions for every industry and every application. Choose from names you know like Falk, Steelflex, Thomas, Addax, and CENTA. Reliability begins with Rexnord.

Disc Couplings

  • Rexnord Disc Couplings are built for the most critical power train systems, providing high reliability and low maintenance.

Elastomeric Couplings

  • Elastomeric Omega, Viva, and Wrapflex couplings are crafted for customer needs.

Fluid Couplings

  • Fluid couplings protect your machinery and ensure a longer life for your equipment.

Gear Couplings

  • Rexnord Lifelign is an interchangeable replacement option for other coupling brands.

Grid Couplings

  • With a replace-in-place design, Falk Steelflex grid couplings offer a low-maintenance solution.

Rigid Couplings

  • Tollok & Rexnord 3000 Series MCF rigid couplings are available in many sizes and capacities.

Torsionally Soft Couplings

  • CENTA Power Transmission provides reliable engineered flexible coupling solutions.

Torsionally Stiff Couplings

  • Torsionally Stiff Couplings with heavy-duty performance for a resonance-free operation.

Coupling Parts & Kits

  • Coupling fasteners, elements, hubs, guards, gaskets, seals, spacers, and centre member assemblies.

Universal Shafts

  • Cline Universal Shafts are a great fit for high torque, high misalignment applications.

The Critical Link for Any Application

Rexnord offers a full selection of couplings, designed for your specific speed, torque, and power needs. Available in a variety of materials and configurations, Rexnord couplings accommodate many different applications and industries. From high-heat high-humidity applications to corrosive and high-torque applications, our wide array of coupling solutions will keep you covered. Our highly engineered couplings offer quality, reliability, and easy maintenance. Available to accommodate a wide array of shaft fits and hub styles, our expedited quote turnaround times mean lead time is never a worry. Rexnord offers coupling solutions for any situation including replace-in-place solutions to reduce downtime. Whether you need couplings, components, or parts, our extensive product line will cover your needs and deliver dependable operation. Rexnord offers the critical link for any disc coupling application.

Lowest Cost of Total Ownership

Rexnord is the industry leader when it comes to reliability, high-quality engineering, and unsurpassed value. Because we work with top industry names like Falk, Steelflex, Thomas, and Addax, we provide customers with the highest quality solutions for their coupling needs. Rexnord couplings are designed to reduce downtime, as well as increase productivity and dependably work in any situation. Our extensive product offerings ensure you’ll find the right products to fit the job—with the lowest cost of total ownership in the industry. Rexnord is built to be tough and reliable in any environment, for any application. Backed by a team of engineers, design specialists, and customer service and sales support, Rexnord couplings is a solution you can count on for dependable performance every time.



For over a century, Rexnord has been the trusted industry leader in industrial chain manufacturing. Our team of highly-trained chain engineers ensure your chain is made to exact specifications, quality-tested, and held to the highest standards in the industry. The results of the Rexnord dedication to excellence speak for themselves. Our industrial chain stands up to any application and any environment, offering years of reliable performance.

Roller Chain

  • Rexnord, Link-Belt, and Rex roller chains are made for maximum wear in many applications.

Leaf Chain

  • Rexnord leaf chain handles punishing, heavy-duty applications with superior fatigue strength.

Oilfield Roller Chain

  • Rexnord’s Certified Performance by API Oilfield chain is made for the petrochemical industry.

Engineered Steel Chain

  • Engineered steel chain is designed for long life under the most demanding applications.

Welded Steel Chain

  • Rexnord welded steel chain is favoured for material handling with advanced design and value.

Block Roller Chain

  • Rexnord block roller chain is reliable for light-load, low-speed, and conveying applications.

Cast Chain

  • Rexnord cast chain is a reliable high-performance choice, standing up to heat and corrosion.

Drop Forged Chain

  • Rexnord drop forged chain is available in Standard, X Series, and S Series chains for any need.

Experience and Reliability You Can Count On

Rexnord is the trusted name in industrial manufacturing. For over 100 years, Rexnord has led the way with innovation, technology, and design, ensuring you have the right chain for your application, plus shorter lead times. Our dedication to excellence and customer service has allowed us to continue to exceed customer expectations—finding the right product for each application and situation. We provide solid, dependable solutions with engineered chains, block roller chains, cast chains, roller chains, and more. Heavy-duty industries including sugar mills, cement, mining, and lumber rely on Rexnord industrial chain to move their product—and for good reason. Time and time again Rexnord industrial chain outperforms the competition with the highest quality materials, independent product testing, and skilled engineering. Our quality and industry knowledge stand above the rest.

 Longer Chain Life Means Reduced Downtime

When equipment goes down, it costs you dearly—not only in terms of downtime, repair, and replacement costs but in the time and safety of your maintenance team as well. Quality industrial chain performs where other chains fail. Under harsh conditions, extreme environments, and high loads, Rexnord industrial chain continues to outclass the competition, time and time again. We offer heat-treated chains including case-hardened and induction-hardened chains—industrial chains of the highest quality and unsurpassed strength. Rexnord industrial chains won’t slow down your operations with unplanned downtime or cost you more over the lifetime of your equipment. Using the latest manufacturing technology, our industrial chain is precision-engineered to last longer, even under the toughest circumstances. Don’t let chain failure cost you productivity and efficiency. Rely on the Rexnord chain that’s built to last.



Industries around the world depend on Rexnord Power Transmission (PT) drive components to ensure their complex systems run smoothly and efficiently. Our full line of engineered products is available to fit your operation needs. Rexnord PT drive components keep the industry moving with drives, bearings, clutches, brakes, backstops, and conveyor components.


  • Falk True Hold backstops offer safety and holding power when you need it.


  • Rexnord’s portfolio of brakes includes brand leader Stearns.


  • Rexnord’s range of clutches including Stearns and Marine Gear is built for industrial applications.

Locking & Clamping Devices

  • Rexnord BSD and Tollok devices manage torque transmission and counteract shaft vibration.

Solid State Motor Switches

  • Stearns solid-state motor switches are precision engineered and made in the USA.

Torque Limiters

  • For overload protection, Rexnord provides Autogard Torque limiters.

Industry Runs on Rexnord PT

Known worldwide as an industry leader, Rexnord PT products keep equipment running smoothly. Built to last, using the highest quality Rexnord-tough materials, our solutions stand up to any situation and any environment. Rexnord offers components for many industries and applications including transportation, mining, energy, food, beverage, and manufacturing. When you need mechanical components to fit complex systems, even in harsh or corrosive environments, you can rely on Rexnord. Our precision engineering, industry knowledge and outstanding experience levels ensure each product is high-quality and built to last. With a team of customer service experts, we’re ready to help you find the right fit to meet the unique needs of your application. When the cost of failure and downtime is high, rely on Rexnord to keep your industry moving.

Reputation, Expertise, and a Portfolio of Excellent Products

Rexnord is a trusted name for highly-engineered mechanical components and there’s a good reason why our reputation is so strong. For over 110 years, Rexnord has provided customers with precision-engineered products to meet and surpass their needs in a variety of industries and applications. There’s no job too difficult or environment too harsh for a Rexnord solution. Our products are backed by years of research and industry expertise. With regular independent testing, we’ve proven time and time again our products outperform and outclass our competitors. More importantly, our focus on customer experience ensures you’ll have the right solution when you need it. For mechanical components, you can count on, turning to Rexnord PT Drive.


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