About EATON Vickers

Vickers brand is well-known in the global markets for almost eighty years. Vickers became the group of Eaton in 1999. Now Eaton has a very strong family of industrial and mobile products.

Vickers has a continuing commitment to providing its customers with quality products and system solutions.

The following catalogue highlights the spectrum of Vickers industrial and mobile hydraulic products. Its purpose is to provide a convenient reference tool when choosing Vickers products or designing a system using Vickers components.

It is divided into different sections according to the type of products. Each entry gives a brief description and basic specifications for specific products. Should you require more detailed information for each product is also provided.

Vickers has the expertise needed to provide you with complete fluid power system solutions, including huge product selections. We also offer in-depth knowledge of your market, and system design know-how to overcome design problems inherent in your market segment.

With manufacturing and design location around the world, we "speak your language". Our engineers understand your system needs as well as regional differences.

With every Vickers system, you will receive support on global scale for research, development and design; system application engineering; prompt delivery and expert service. Most important, you will get quality in everything we do for you.

So where you design, build or maintain industrial and mobile equipment for many applications, Vickers has dedicated resources to serve your market and provides unmatched expertise in system reliability.

Choose Vickers - for "system thinking" that will maximize the performance of your industrial and mobile application.


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