Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker can be found on and around everything that moves. At Parker, we have an unmatched breadth and depth of products that originate from a global leadership position in nine core Motion and Control technologies that include aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing and shielding. We can apply these products and technologies individually to solve simpler customer challenges, or we can combine them to develop systems that address complex challenges.

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Air Preparation (FRL) and Dryers

Compressed Air Filters Compressed Air Filters Compressed Air Filter / Regulator / Lubricator (FRL) Combinations
Compressed Air Filter Regulators
Compressed Air Pressure Regulators  
Compressed Air Lubricators  
Compressed Air Dryers  
Air Preparation Accessories  
Dump and Soft Start Valves 

Cylinders and Actuators

Grippers Grippers
Linear Actuators and Cylinders
Manual Stages, Slides and Accessories  
Motorized Positioning Stages and Tables   
Positioning Robots and Systems  
Rotary Actuators  
Vacuum Cups and Pads 

Filters, Collectors, Separators, Purifiers

Filter Assemblies and Vessels Filter Assemblies and Vessels
Replacement Filter Elements and Cartridges  
Additives, Coolants and Fluids  
Mist and Fume Eliminators and Collectors (SmogHog)  
Dust Collectors/Dust Collection Equipment (DustHog)  
Testing and Analysis Equipment  
Watermakers and Watermakers Accessories  
Filter Media 
Compressed Air Exhaust Silencers 
Filter Parts and Accessories
Bioprocessing Systems 
Filtration and Separation Systems 
Compressed Air and Gas Treatment  
Engine and Mobile Filters  
HVAC Filters  
Kitchen Emissions Systems Kitchen Emissions Systems
Replacement Baghouse and Dust Collector Filters Replacement Engine and Mobile Filter Elements

Fittings and Quick Couplings

Barbed Fittings
Compression Fittings
Cone and Thread Fittings and Adapters
Face Seal Fittings
Flare Fittings
Flareless and Bite Type Fittings
Hose Fittings
Hydraulic Fittings
Instrumentation Fittings
Pipe Fittings
Pneumatic Fittings
Fittings and Flow Control
Push-to-Connect Fittings
Quick Couplings Hydraulic
Quick Couplings Pneumatic
Quick Couplings Application
Tube Fittings and Equipment

Motors, Drives and Controllers

Controller Devices and Accessories
LCD Display Protection and Enhancement
HMI, Operator Panels and Touchscreens
Gearheads, Gearboxes and Speed Reducers

Power Take-Offs and Drive Systems

Power Take-Offs – Accessories
Power Take-Offs
Pump Accessories
Pump Replacement Parts
Hydraulic Pumps
Gear Pumps
Screw Pumps
Vacuum Generators
Hydraulic Power Units
Hand Pumps Hand Pumps
Hydrostatic Pumps Hydrostatic Pumps
Piston Pumps Piston Pumps
Vane Pumps Vane Pumps
Venturi Pumps Venturi Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps Diaphragm Pumps
Pneumatic Pumps Pneumatic Pumps
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Refrigerant Accessories Refrigerant Accessories
Refrigerant Couplings Refrigerant Couplings
Refrigerant Filters & Dryers Refrigerant Filters & Dryers
Refrigerant Oil Management Refrigerant Oil Management
Refrigerant Regulators Refrigerant Regulators
Refrigerant Sight Glasses Refrigerant Sight Glasses
Refrigerant Valves Refrigerant Valves
Refrigerant Controllers Refrigerant Controllers
Refrigerant Tools Refrigerant Tools
Refrigerant Accumulators and Receivers Refrigerant Accumulators and Receivers

Regulators, Monitoring, Sensors and Flow Control

Flow Controllers 
Fluidic Dispensing Systems  
Gauge Siphons Gauge Siphons
Reservoir Isolators Reservoir Isolators
Sampling Systems and Accessories 
Diagnostic Testing Equipment  
Pulsation Testing Equipment  
Condensate Chambers  

Seals and O-Rings

Back-up Rings 
Buffer Seals  
Cushioning Seals  
Custom Seals  
Fastener Seals 
Flange Seals  
O-Rings and O-Ring Accessories  
Piston Seals  
Rod Seals   
Rotary Seals & Bearing Isolators
Static Seals  
Valve Seals  
Guiding Elements and Guiding Tapes  

Thermal and Power Management

Battery Chargers and Accessories  
Enclosures and Protective Sunshades  
Production Process Water Chillers 
Thermal Interface Materials  
Compressed Air and Gas Aftercoolers  
Industrial Oil Coolers  


Valves Accessories / Kits 
Valve Terminals / Controls  
Angle Valves 
Ball Valves 
Butterfly Valves 
Check Valves
Cartridge Valves
Counterbalance Valves
Directional Control Valves
Electronic Valves
Fieldbus / Industrial Networks
Flow Control Valves
Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Hydraulic Valves
Logic Valves
Metering Valves
Miniature Valves
Needle Valves
Pilot Valves
Plug Valves
PFA Valves
Pressure Control Valves
Pressure Relief Valves
Proportional Valves
Purge Valves
Safety Valves
Shut Off Valves
Shuttle Valves
Servo Valves
Solenoid Valves
Spool Valves
Throttle Valves
Ultra-High Purity Valves
Double Block and Bleed Valves
Dump and Soft Start Valves

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