About Turck 

Turck is your global partner for factory, process and logistics automation in numerous industries. With our digitally networkable solutions for efficient automation systems, we are one of the pioneers of Industry 4.0 and IIoT. As a specialist in smart sensor technology and decentralized automation, Turck brings intelligence to machines and ensures reliable detection, transmission and processing of relevant production data – from sensor to cloud – not only with robust I/O solutions in IP67, but also with user-friendly software and services.

Automation solutions from Turck increase the availability and efficiency of machines and plants in numerous industries and applications, from the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry to the automotive industry and mobile machinery to intralogistics and packaging. Industry-specific application knowledge gained from an intensive exchange with customers, combined with electronics development and production at the highest level, provides optimal solutions for customers’ automation tasks. 


Encoders are used for any application where rotation speed, sense, position, angle and length are monitored. The Turck range comprises contactless and conventional encoders in various designs, graduated in a range of sizes from 24 up to 102 mm diameter, as versions for incremental or absolute position detection, as hollow or solid shaft variants. Vibration resistance and robustness without compromise are prerequisites for reliable operation of the devices, even in demanding environments.

Innovative technology: Contactless encoders QR24 and QR20 are based on the inductive measuring principle. Users benefit from the wear-free design and interference immunity.

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